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How do I properly dispose of my Clutch charger?Updated 9 months ago

We sincerely hope your relationship with your Clutch Charger lasts forever and ever, but if you ever need to throw it away for any reason, please note the following disposal instructions:

Please don't throw away your Clutch Charger in the trash or a recycling bin. This is because of the Lithium-ION battery found inside your charger, it is important to dispose of your Clutch at a proper facility. 

For more information and drop site locations please visit:

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How to use your Clutch Charger

Step 1

Charge your Clutch with the USB-C cable included in the box

Step 2

Check if your Clutch is fully charged with all 4 LED lights on

Step 3

Plug in the built-in cable and charge your phone

Step 4

Magnetize to the back of iPhone 12s or newer, or to magnetic safe cases